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With Out&About Driver training you get more then what you pay for. Tony is brilliant ! he is more than just a instructor he is a friend that will not just teach you how to pass the exam but how to drive properly and safely. With Tony driving becomes a joy and pleasure rather then a lesson. Out&About will always cater lessons according to your schedule and needs with no problems, the patience and teaching standard is excellent. I would recommend Out&About Driver training to anyone. The only thing you will get to regret is that you passed and the lessons have stopped. Couldn’t think of a better way to learn other then Out&About Driver Training.


As someone who had no practical driving experience prior to taking
lessons with Tony, I found he was a great instructor, patient and
friendly to talk to. He gives constructive criticism without any
stress or pressure, and I also learnt that he doesnโ€™t approve of
handbrake stops and pulling away in third gear!



Looks like people are starting to take driver training serious at last. Learning to drive is more than just passing a test:

Does the music you drive to alter your attitude!


Thank you so much Tony ๐Ÿ™‚ You are a fantastic instructor and I will deffo be recommending you to all I know :). Once again thank you. Not as bad as what I thought it would be. Plus only 4 miners!! Thank you once again x

“Thankyou so much Tony for getting me though my driving test!. Having left a long gap since previously having lessons with other instructors and been unsuccessful in the past my confidence was very low and I was really doubting whether I was cut out for driving at all. The superb instruction and undertstanding given to me by out and about helped me to build on my confidence and understand not only what to do, but why we need to do it and that helped everything ‘click’ into place where it never had before. Thank you so much again Tony for helping me gain the independance that I was beginning to think I would never have. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone looking for quality driving insruction, they will not be dissapointed in choosing out and about!”



Only 2 minors ๐Ÿ™‚